haiku the world

The story of a month told through the form of haiku. 
Some years ago, a challenge of writing everyday was made. 
Below are the results from one such participant, 
writing haikus, about nothing and 
everything in general for one month. 
Some parts have been redacted for privacy (locations, names, etc.).

* October 1st

october is here
let us rage all night and day
till november rain

* October 2nd

fall saturday night
sunny outside with leafs delight
coffee at the ____


* October 3rd

doing dirty dishes downstairs
i would like to make dinner but
all the dishes are dirty

* October 4th

some people are really friendly
some other people are not so much
they hide their feelings

* October 5th

living your free life
spending your money on bad things
are you always right?

* October 6th

dogs fucking rule hard
_____, _____ and ________
_______, new york fall

* October 7th
yesterday things felt
different, i was not sick
today i slept long

* October 8th

dear friends, i love you
please don't break too many hearts
isn't that a Lawrence Arms song?

* October 9th

newspapers arrive here
almost daily reading them
war, death, destruction

* October 10th

beautiful fall day
warm breeze and leafs changing tone
salmon run upstream

* October 11th

holiday today
yes and no depends on view
monday means no school

* October 12th

birthdays and best wishes
apple picking and cider drinking
snow falling very soon

* October 13th

sun rise waking up
look out the window to see
the town and cityscape

* October 14th

skype chatting with friends
video, text, and dance party
then walking to class

* October 15th

raining all day long
something about it feels great
inside, outside, hey!

* October 16th

making hard cider
all that sugar looks like coke
we are fucking rich!

* October 17th

some funny drawings
guitar strings and empty rooms
beautiful sunday

* October 18th

up, early morning
walked outside, lovely cool breeze
street lights shed the night

* October 19th

writing all day long
stuck inside my room upstairs
wishing i was free

* October 20th

days spent doing nothing
guitar, computer, Internet
leafs really change quick

* October 21st

society grabs you unaware
people give you the blank dead stare
it makes me wonder

* October 22nd

never ending roads to nowhere
waiting to meet friends

* October 23rd

dreaming of Tiqqun
my brother wearing the bloom
light bleau shirt with print

* October 24th

driving back home
valleys, bring colors and trees
gas stations fill up

* October 25th

hiding in the back
day dreaming beautiful things
time, love, anarchy

* October 26th

theory of making
some family traditions of
vegetable chili

* October 27th

beautiful sunshine
ever lasting days of your youth
feelings so very strong

* October 28th

staying up all night
riding around ______
working all the time

* October 29th

writing all day long
getting tired of explaining
it all over and over

* October 30th

saturday night party
dressing up like skeletons
with misfits playing

* October 31st

first snow of the year
only brief but still brings the cheer
winter is so near


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