Cuba Part II – The revolution is just a Che t-shirt away

(May 25th, 2018)

In episode #61 of this podcast, the editorial covered some of the current happenings in Cuba, like the change of power and the informal economy. In this editorial we aim to take another look at Cuba, like some brief anarchist history, and what freedom of expression looks like there through the music and bits of culture.


Viva la ilusión / Long live the illusion

(April 27th, 2018)

Last week, on April 19th, Cuba made the headlines as a transition to power was passed from Rául Castro to Presidente Miguel Díaz-Canel. Rául Castro, handpicked their successor, and remains at the helm of the Communist Party; his son runs the intelligence services; and his ex-son-in-law runs the military’s vast business interests. The Castro name is still on a great many things and the new Presidente Diaz-Canel has vowed that there will be no “capitalist restoration”. It seems the government plan is increased Internet access, land reform, increased private economic activity, and getting rid of the dual-currency. Basically, as it is now this transition to power seems to just be the same old Cuba with some new names in charge. Government as usual.


Cuba: Images and a review of the opening of ABRA, La Habana

A translation from El Libertario

- stalkingtheearth - May 13th, 2k18

May 5th 2018, by Isbel Díaz

No packed room, no audio or microphones, no promotion on social networks or email lists. Those who came were those who wanted and were able to, and it was enough.
More than 30 people where present this past 5th of May 2018 in Lawton, to help found between everyone the ABRA Social Center and Libertarian Library.


Vamo pa G

hasta la pasta, pa siempre

Today, I awoke to see that Fidel Castro had passed away at 90 years of age. Some years ago, I found myself living in La Habana, Cuba when Fidel was still running things. Here is a quick story about this photo.


The revolution is just a Che t-shirt away

desolte street in La Habana

There are perhaps four large categories of American thought which provide definitions of the fifty years of Castro rule: 1) the right-wing which views the island as a totalitarian, communist police state where starving people live under daily repressive rule, and the government is involved in drug trafficking and terrorism; 2) the center through to the liberal left which agrees, perhaps in the mode of Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, that the Revolution has provided good social services for the poor and resisted U.S.


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