2k16: A somewhat best of music videos

leaving the past behind us"

Now that the new year is upon us, let's take a look back at some of the music that got us through the days and continue to warm the fires as we move into the new year. Below are six music videos and two videos simply with music. For the curious all of the YouTube videos have privacy enhanced mode enabled. Please feel free to leave a comment (we turned anonymous comments back on) of your favorite music videos from this past year, as we're always curious to hear what is out there.


Filastine has been one of our favorite artists for years and one can only imagine our excitement when we found these new clips. This is definitely one of my top 5 favorites for the year in terms of music and video production.

Filastine, The Cleaner (Abandon: Part II)

"Abandon explores how we use the human body, how we sell our time, and how we can dare to escape." - Filastine

Here are the other two in the series and a live performance.
The Miner (Abandon: Part I)

The Salaryman (Abandon: Part III)

Filastine - Full Performance (Live on KEXP, Seattle)


This song by Mateo Kingman in the Spanish language is pretty great on it's own, but the video adds that final touch that makes it appear on the end of year list.

Mateo Kingman, Lluvia


Here is a song by O Terno in the Portuguese language. Similar to the above song, the video puts this one over the top for inclusion.
O Terno, Culpa


And a song in English! While this video by Geowulf is certainly not our favorite, we certainly do enjoy the song. "Come to the water"
Geowulf, Saltwater


Silvia Pérez Cruz presents a very heart warming sound here, while singing about real depressing stuff, with such a lovely voice.

Silvia Pérez Cruz, "No Hay Tanto Pan


In this video, DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels show a quite accurate representation of political discourse. Anti-politics all the way!

DJ Shadow feat. Run the Jewels, Nobody Speak


While not my favorite tune, although it is pretty good, M.I.A. has a really creative video to share the music. "Your values, what's up with that?"

M.I.A., Borders

not from 2k16, but in heavy rotation recently:

And just for fun, here is quite the excellent song from Ases Falsos

Ases Falsos, Misterios Del Perú (2012)


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