Anarchism and the need for a new art

desert or dessert?

A translation from Acracia [1]

- stalking the earth (September 30th, 2018)


August 2018, by Quijano Araucano

This text is directed towards young anarchists (among them me) who are as lost as usual, more lazy than ever and each time (discovered with terror and fatigue) more scare. As Roberto Bolaño (1953-2003) has mentioned, in numerous texts and interviews, literature, now more than any other historical moment, suffers a state of stagnation and decomposition never seen before, even more so in this strip of land in the south of the world, where thanks to 18 years of tyranny and barbarism the situation turned out to be (and still is) of an even greater severity.


2k16: A somewhat best of music videos

leaving the past behind us"

Now that the new year is upon us, let's take a look back at some of the music that got us through the days and continue to warm the fires as we move into the new year. Below are six music videos and two videos simply with music. For the curious all of the YouTube videos have privacy enhanced mode enabled. Please feel free to leave a comment (we turned anonymous comments back on) of your favorite music videos from this past year, as we're always curious to hear what is out there.


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