haiku the world

The story of a month told through the form of haiku. 
Some years ago, a challenge of writing everyday was made. 
Below are the results from one such participant, 
writing haikus, about nothing and 
everything in general for one month. 
Some parts have been redacted for privacy (locations, names, etc.).

* October 1st

october is here
let us rage all night and day
till november rain

* October 2nd

fall saturday night
sunny outside with leafs delight
coffee at the ____



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The revolution is just a Che t-shirt away

desolte street in La Habana

There are perhaps four large categories of American thought which provide definitions of the fifty years of Castro rule: 1) the right-wing which views the island as a totalitarian, communist police state where starving people live under daily repressive rule, and the government is involved in drug trafficking and terrorism; 2) the center through to the liberal left which agrees, perhaps in the mode of Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, that the Revolution has provided good social services for the poor and resisted U.S.



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