Wall Street and Blade Runner: Luddites & Cyberpunks

Unfortunately (for some, not all) Wall Street is not the dystopian image of a far off future created by rich white men, but actually a rather exaggerated depiction of the capitalism during the 1980s. When I say “rather exaggerated”, I mean that the movie does portray the world of Wall Street in a some-what informative, yet overly romanticized way. Ultimately, it's just a movie and not a documentary of 1980s stock trading, although reality is never too far away.


Life is but a dog

The seasons are changing here, from the autumnal fall to the arctic-like winter months, and with that so is this site. As we here are still apprenticing to become a drupal wizards, the site has suffered and exhibited signs of a lacklusterism and in need of redesign and more / improved content. After all, what is this site but a collection of somewhat anonymous writings gathered over the years from around the Internet, so they could finally have a place of their own (again) to lay their head at night.


Review: One Hundred Years of Solitude

Authors intro: Please don't read this review if you are concerned with spoilers, as this review is more of a recounting of the story and contains plently of information about the book that could ruin it for you. Having said that, please do read the review if you are curious about reading the book or have already read it. At risk of defeating myself from the very beginning, I will also add that this is not my best writing.


This will be the summer of...

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haiku the world

The story of a month told through the form of haiku. 
Some years ago, a challenge of writing everyday was made. 
Below are the results from one such participant, 
writing haikus, about nothing and 
everything in general for one month. 
Some parts have been redacted for privacy (locations, names, etc.).

* October 1st

october is here
let us rage all night and day
till november rain

* October 2nd

fall saturday night
sunny outside with leafs delight
coffee at the ____



Jorge Luís Borges, Infinity, and the Internet


Jorge Luís Borges, an Argentinean writer who is well known for his many short stories, some of which discuss such fantastic themes like dreams, libraries, labyrinths, god, and the less fantastic –see also, more real – like los gauchos (imagine Argentinean cowboys) and tigers.



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