México: 50 anarchist cells at war against capitalism and the state

la quemada

A text we translated from Contralínea By Zósimo Camacho on October 16th, 2016 about ongoing anarchist activities there.

- stalkingtheearth


In México there is an ongoing anarchist insurrection, with 50 groups and cells at war with the State and capital. The seriousness of the "black threat" has caused the National Risk Agenda [1] to give it priority attention, ahead of the red guerrillas[2], with only drug trafficking and social uprisings given a higher priority.


2k16: A somewhat best of music videos

leaving the past behind us"

Now that the new year is upon us, let's take a look back at some of the music that got us through the days and continue to warm the fires as we move into the new year. Below are six music videos and two videos simply with music. For the curious all of the YouTube videos have privacy enhanced mode enabled. Please feel free to leave a comment (we turned anonymous comments back on) of your favorite music videos from this past year, as we're always curious to hear what is out there.


Vamo pa G

hasta la pasta, pa siempre

Today, I awoke to see that Fidel Castro had passed away at 90 years of age. Some years ago, I found myself living in La Habana, Cuba when Fidel was still running things. Here is a quick story about this photo.


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Review: Genesee River Rebellion

The Genesee River Rebellion(GRR) is a new quarterly publication from the Rochester Black Rose Anarchist Federation. It's a large 4-page newspaper with 6 articles of varying length that we picked up for free from the distribution bin inside a local Rochester restaurant. There was a stack full of copies placed in the distro and it appears that there are stacks of this paper around a handful of local establishments for the curious reader to find. There also appears to be a subscription based model along with some other perks for those that signed up via the GoFundMe page, which accordingly raised around $1,500 of a $2,000 goal for printing costs, etc. Aesthetically, the local publication looks nice and it was exciting to find an anarchist newspaper circulating around in hand on our way to get some food. On the other hand, there are also some gripes about the publication and the ideas behind it. Below is a brief review of the new publication, along with some shared experiences from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.


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Wall Street and Blade Runner: Luddites & Cyberpunks

Unfortunately (for some, not all) Wall Street is not the dystopian image of a far off future created by rich white men, but actually a rather exaggerated depiction of the capitalism during the 1980s. When I say “rather exaggerated”, I mean that the movie does portray the world of Wall Street in a some-what informative, yet overly romanticized way. Ultimately, it's just a movie and not a documentary of 1980s stock trading, although reality is never too far away.



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